Case Study: South Hub Radiology Resolves Billing Issues, Boosts Revenue With Access To Real-time Insights

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    South Hub Radiology is a 27-physician radiology practice serving the south hub of the Advocate Aurora Health system in Chicago. South Hub’s main location is Advocate Christ Medical Center: a not-for-profit, 788-bed, premier teaching institution with more than 1,500 affiliated physicians and one of the busiest Level I trauma centers in Illinois.

    The Question

    How can we proactively identify opportunities to increase revenue?

    The Solution

    Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of the entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic solutions and healthcare data analytics services help drive measurable change across all functions.

    Real Results

    The practice works with an outside vendor to manage their revenue cycle process. Prior to Quinsite, they lacked real-time access to their own billing data. As a result, they were unable to identify delays or decreases in charges until 30 days after the backlog when a monthly report was provided by the billing company.

    Quinsite connected South Hub’s COO/CFO, Christin Crosby, with a daily billing data report that provided timely information to monitor billing trends and set billing benchmarks. Christin began receiving automatic notifications alerting her when charges dropped below those benchmarks.

    After receiving a notification five days in a row, Christin reached out to their billing company to troubleshoot. This helped identify three different issues with charges that had gone unnoticed, leading to the recovery of more than $200,000 in un-billed revenue, and helped the practice develop a more successful healthcare revenue cycle management strategy.

    “Thanks to Quinsite, we were able to identify missed charges, bring revenue in the door and improve our revenue cycle process to avoid future losses,” Christin explains.

    “We also increased the timeliness of collections overall, ultimately stabilizing our cash flow during a time when many radiology practices were struggling financially," she adds.

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