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Healthcare Analytics Software

An innovative analytics platform designed by industry experts, physician leaders, and practice administrators like you! Drive improvements across your entire organization with robust, reliable healthcare data insights that support operational gains and organizational sustainability.

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Unlock Your Superpowers with Advanced Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Our Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ empowers healthcare providers and practice leaders by integrating your clinical, financial, and operational data sources and applying advanced analytics to arm you with actionable insights for data-driven decision-making that helps guide success in all areas of your business.

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    Provider Performance

    Increase productivity, achieve more equitable workload distribution, streamline workflows, and reduce physician burnout.

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    Finance & Revenue Cycle

    Optimize revenue, ensure revenue cycle integrity, and monitor trends for proactive problem-solving.

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    Quality of Care

    Support the highest standards of service, compliance, and patient care.

Data-Driven Organizational Improvements

Leverage real-time data insights to support your healthcare organization’s most important initiatives. Experience measurable gains in the form of increased provider productivity, improved clinical performance, and revenue cycle optimization.




A Suite of Healthcare Analytics Solutions at Your Fingertips

Quinsite’s innovative cloud-based analytics tools harness the latest and best in big data, business intelligence, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our suite of solutions support workflow improvements from the bedside all the way to the board room. Access anytime, anywhere, on any device.


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The Power of Quinsite’s Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

Enjoy an entire suite of healthcare analytics tools for end-to-end data management and report generation. Our platform manages the entire data processing workflow, from system interface creation, to automated data upload and integration, to real-time data visualization. Our expert team uses innovative tools and processes for a seamless experience that supports data-driven decision-making and measurable value for your organization.

Data Integration

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  • EHR (patient records)

  • Billing

  • Provider Scheduling

  • Financial

  • Clinical Systems

Data Management

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  • HL7,API, Flat file, Excel

  • Database administration & maintenance

  • Data mapping

  • Data validation

Advanced Data Analytics

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  • Benchmarking

  • Trends

  • Metric tracking

  • Resource utilization

  • Predictive modeling

Real-Time Insights

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  • Robust dashboards & reports

  • Up-to-date information

  • Dynamic visualization

  • Intuitive design, Filter / Drill-down / Zoom-out

Innovative Technologies

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  • Data Integration & Interoperability

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Business Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

Benefits & ROI

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  • Revenue optimization

  • Increase provider productivity

  • Workflow efficiency

  • Reduce administrative time & load

  • Improve patient care & outcomes

Kudos for Quinsite!

“Quinsite’s platform exceeds our expectations and is more comprehensive than anything else we’ve seen in the market. We have realized value in administrative time saved no longer manually generating reports around productivity, turnaround times, etc. They spend time to understand our systems and processes and are very collaborative with our existing team.”



Linda wilgus

Executive Director at Northwest Radiology Indianapolis, IN

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“We are now able to quickly find actionable information! With so much data living in separate systems, it used to be a huge challenge just to identify which areas most needed attention. Now, with everything centralized in Quinsite’s platform, we can easily monitor trends and prioritize our efforts."



michael gonzales

Exec Director Client Relations at PBS Reno, NV

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“Thank you so much for the great product you are providing to organizations like ours. The tools are amazing but the customer service goes above and beyond. My team is very thankful for all you do for us.”



CAO at Radiology Associates of SLO Atascadero, CA

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"Quinsite has transformed how we run our business! They helped take us from a reactive organization to a proactive organization poised for growth. We are able to monitor daily volume fluctuations and identify productivity opportunities in a timely manner. We are bringing in more revenue with the ability to track billing processes from end-to-end."




Senior Director of Finance at SEARHC Juneau, AK



“Strategic Radiology (SR) has partnered with Quinsite to improve our coalition’s ability to aggregate data, develop metrics for improved workflow and revenue cycle performance, and identify best practices. We trust Quinsite’s team of experts and suite of data analytics tools to support a higher level of collaboration among SR member groups, foster greater innovation, and enable speedier development of solutions to improve the value and quality of the health care our members deliver.”


Dr. Bundys Headshot (1)

CEO of Strategic Radiology Coalition

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Streamlined Implementation & Top-Notch Customer Support

At Quinsite, your success is our #1 priority. Our implementation and customer success experts provide guidance for onboarding, training, and ongoing support to ensure successful utilization and year-over-year value.

  • Efficient, well-managed implementation process

  • Tailored approach to meet your organization’s unique needs

  • Expert support for utilization success and request management

“Our practice is growing, our imaging centers are growing, our hospital partners are growing, and our community is growing. With help from Quinsite, we have access to the data and insights needed to support that growth”

Ashley Wells - Practice Development Director, Delaney Radiology

Healthcare Analytics Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare analytics tools play a critical role by processing complex data to generate valuable insights around operational and financial performance, arming practice leaders with timely, actionable information for data-driven decision-making. Key benefits include: quality improvement, resource optimization, workflow efficiency, revenue cycle integrity.

The healthcare industry is rich with data across hundreds of systems. Utilizing an enterprise analytics platform that integrates data from clinical, operational, and financial systems helps leadership track and drive performance towards initiatives related to quality improvement, resource optimization, workflow efficiency, revenue optimization, and more.

Key benefits include:

Disparate System Data Integration: A robust healthcare analytics platform should successfully and efficiently interface with, join, organize, normalize, analyze and generate reports around multiple data sets (EHR, clinical, scheduling, billing, financial).

Comprehensive Data Analysis: Innovative technology and processes efficiently analyze large volumes of complex data to quickly uncover trends and valuable insights that support data-driven decision-making for improved operational and financial performance.

Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction and Revenue Optimization: Actionable insights help healthcare leaders monitor resource utilization, provider performance, quality, and revenue integrity to quickly identify opportunities for quality improvement, cost reduction, and revenue optimization.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Timely, robust insights allow administrators to track progress towards goals, identify opportunities for improvement, and make informed decisions that drive positive outcomes.

Check out real-world case studies from Quinsite customers who are driving success with our Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™.

Healthcare analytics software can contribute significantly to reducing costs and improving outcomes by enabling data-driven decision-making that helps optimize resource utilization and streamline processes while ensuring high quality service and patient care.

Here’s how:

Identify costly trends: Timely insights help healthcare leaders monitor trends to quickly identify inaccurate billing and payment gaps for proactive trouble-shooting and revenue cycle process improvements that ensure a steady flow of optimized revenue.

Optimize Resource Utilization: Real-time insights around productivity and performance help inform strategies for improved resource allocation that ensures supply (providers, machines, rooms) consistently meets demand (patients, exams, procedures), ultimately helping reduce unnecessary resource-related expenses (payroll, operating costs, etc)

Improve Patient Care: Clinical workflow insights help track and drive improvements around turnaround times, patient follow-up, patient satisfaction, regulatory standards to support excellence in patient service, patient outcomes, regulatory compliance, and more.

Check out real-world use cases from Quinsite customers who are realizing increased revenue and cost savings with our Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™.

Hospitals generate valuable data that, when properly analyzed, can help drive improvements that impact revenue, provider performance, patient care, and more. Due to strict guidelines and security concerns around protected health information (PHI), hospitals and health providers are cautious about data sharing. Forming a strong relationship with your hospital partners is key to fostering trust and collaboration regarding data access. It is additionally important to work with an analytics vendor who is experienced in facilitating conversations with hospitals regarding data sharing and access.

A high quality, reliable data analytics software will incorporate the following key features:

Data Integration: Integration of your clinical, financial, and operational data sources layered with advanced analytics to generate actionable insights for data-driven decision-making that helps guide success in all areas of your business.

Data Quality: Timely, complete and accurate data is key to making informed decisions.

Functionality: A lengthy list of technology/features may appear impressive, however, it is imperative the solution/s function reliably and meet the needs of your practice.

Flexibility: It’s important to choose a solution that compliments your existing technology, improves your team's capabilities, and meets your unique needs.

Security: Choose a solution that prioritizes data security and follows industry security and compliance standards.

Return on Investment: Choose a solution with pricing that fits the needs of your practice. Software investments should yield ROI, ideally many times over!

For a full list of questions and strategic considerations when evaluating a data analytics solution, check out this blog!

Predictive analytics, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), empower healthcare leaders to make data-driven decisions based on predictions of future outcomes around growth, staffing, scheduling, capacity, outcomes, and more.

Projected Productivity, a Quinsite solution, supports workforce planning and efficiency by enabling practice leaders to use historical volumes and scheduling data to optimize future staffing plans. Comparing expected future volumes with scheduled resources helps to identify gaps and strategically align resources to future demand.

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The Power of our Healthcare Data Analytics Solutions

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