Fostering Physician Engagement & Utilization with New Technologies

Quinsite Q2 User Meeting focused on provider engagement and product utilization.

Navigating Staffing Shortages: Enhancing Workforce Efficiency for Growth

Enhanced recruitment processes, efficient resource and workforce utilization, and innovative technologies help radiology practices drive success and sustainability.

Maximizing Revenue and Productivity: 5 Essential Strategies for Healthcare Leaders

In this blog, we'll explore essential strategies for harnessing the power of integrated data to drive revenue growth and enhance physician productivity.

Quinsite Gains Traction in Anesthesiology

Quinsite announces their Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ is now available to anesthesiology practices.

Customer Success: Mecklenburg Radiology Associates Improves Data Integrity and Ensures Consistent Revenue Flow

Quinsite guides Delaney Radiology through a seamless multi-stage implementation process with various data sources to access integrated insights.

Quinsite Signs Partnership with LucidHealth

Quinsite announces the launch of its new Projected Productivity solution, designed to help healthcare practices predict future staffing outcomes and support a sustainable approach to resource optimization.  

A Pivotal Year of Growth and Scalability at Quinsite

2024 if off to a strong start with ambitious company goals in place and early momentum in new sales…but let’s take a moment to look back and celebrate all the wins from 2023

Customer Success: Supporting Complex Implementations with Expertise and Collaboration

Quinsite guides Delaney Radiology through a seamless multi-stage implementation process with various data sources to access integrated insights.

Evaluating Data Analytics Solutions for Healthcare Practice Operations

Healthcare practice leaders rely on integrated insights to guide strategic decision-making, enhance quality of care, improve bottom lines, and ensure long-term sustainability.

Empowering Radiology, Pathology, and Other Specialty Practice Leaders with Access to Centralized Data Insights

Healthcare thrives on collaboration, and at the heart of that collaboration are dedicated care providers, physicians, and practices.

Quinsite Launches New Projected Productivity Solution

Quinsite announces the launch of its new Projected Productivity solution, designed to help healthcare practices predict future staffing outcomes and support a sustainable approach to resource optimization.  

Achieve KPIs with Integrated Data Analytics

From Insights to Impact: The Role of Data Analytics for Meeting Your KPIs- An eBook on meeting your KPIs in four key categories: Operational Efficiency, Financial Performance, Quality & Safety and Stakeholder Satisfaction.

The Cost of Siloed Data in Healthcare

Siloed data is costs healthcare practices in quality of care, workforce efficiency, compliance complexities, financial performance, and strategic decision-making.

Quinsite Selected as Finalist for 2023 NC TECH Awards

Quinsite, a rising leader in healthcare technology, announces that they have been selected as a finalist in two categories for the NC TECH Awards: Technology Corporate Award- Biotech/Healthtech Company and Use of Technology Award- AI + Data Analytics.

Looking Ahead and Growing Together

Quinsite hosted our Q3 virtual user meeting, bring practice leaders together, showcasing customer success stories and sharing valuable company updates.  

3 Ways Integrated Data Analytics Improve Quality in Healthcare

Integrated data analytics can be leveraged to provide exceptional service, help maintain compliance standards, and ensure quality patient care.  

Reducing the Risk of Medical Errors and Physician Burnout

The link between physician workload and patient safety is undeniable. Staffing shortages and rising patient loads along with the increased administrative burdens leave physicians struggling with unprecedented workloads. The impact of the overload extends beyond patient safety, taking a toll on physicians' mental and emotional well-being.

Customer Success: ARAHS Turns Productivity Insights into Operational and Financial Gains

Radiology practice uses Quinsite’s Productivity Ring mobile app which enables physicians to monitor their own productivity in near real-time.

The Hidden Costs of Today’s Healthcare Staffing Shortage

Staffing shortages continue to be a challenge for many of healthcare organizations, creating immediate and obvious challenges along with several less obvious long-term effects. Explore some of these “hidden” costs that as well as ways to minimize their impact using integrated data analytics.

Taking a Data Informed Approach to Shaping Company Culture

Armed with data insights, healthcare leaders can take an informed approach to shaping company culture, to enhance physician and patient satisfaction.

Empowering Engagement and Driving Innovation

As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, collaboration, and customer service, Quinsite recently hosted a virtual user meeting. These meetings serve as a powerful opportunity for our customers to engage with their peers and exchange valuable insights that drive long-term organizational success.

The Bottom Line: How Data Analytics Technology is Driving ROI for Healthcare Practices

Data analytics empower healthcare practice leaders to make data-driven decisions that ultimately improve the health of their patients and their practice. While all new technologies come with associated cost, evidence shows that robust data analytics generate ROI many times over. Healthcare practices that invest in data analytics should expect to experience significant benefits in the form of improved quality, enhanced performance, and financial optimization.

Preventing Physician Burnout with Actionable Data Insights

Integrated data analytics can help prevent physician burnout. Actionable insights help drive physician productivity increases, spread practice workloads more equitably, and build creative compensation models that allow for work-life balance.

Quinsite Raises $5.5 Million in Series A to Fuel Ongoing Growth

Quinsite, a rising leader in healthcare technology, announces that they have raised $5.5 million in series A to fuel ongoing growth, continued acquisitions of new customers, expansion into new markets and engagement with new partners.

Understanding Physician Productivity, Driving Measurable Change

Centralized data and real-time dashboards enable radiology practices to understand staffing productivity challenges and drive measurable, data-informed decisions.

Quinsite Launches RBMA Vital Check™ Survey Tool for Healthcare Practices

Quinsite, a rising leader in healthcare technology, today announced the launch of Vital Check, a survey tool designed to help healthcare practices capture feedback, establish benchmarks, monitor performance and make process improvements.

Case Study: Improving E&M Capture and Increasing Revenue

Radiology practice uses Quinsite's mobile app to improve Evaluation and Management (E&M) capture and increase revenue.

Improving Physician Productivity and Accelerating Practice Growth (Webinar Recap)

A discussion about how integrated data insights can be used to improve physician productivity, accelerate practice growth, and more.

Data Insights Support Strong Partnerships, Better Decision-Making and Improved Patient Care

Data insights are proving to help healthcare practices meet or exceed partner expectations, protect their bottom lines, strengthen business relationships and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. 

Case Study: Delivering Enhanced Value To Hospital Partners

Quinsite helps radiology practice deliver enhanced value to hospital partners with monthly facility scorecards of key radiology performance indicators

Quinsite Continues to Gain Momentum with Customer Growth, Market Expansion, and New Partnerships

In 2022, Quinsite met growing demand for its healthcare analytics platform with expansion into new markets, strategic partnerships in radiology and pathology, and funding to support future momentum.

Resource Optimization Through Data-Driven Capacity Planning

Centralized data and real-time dashboards enable reliable forecasting, which leads to proactive scheduling and effective capacity management. With the right tools, healthcare practice leaders can analyze a variety of data as it relates to capacity planning.

Case Study: Urban Practice Optimizes Resources With Capacity Planning

Quinsite helps radiology practice improve capacity planning, reallocate resources and save $250,000.

Quinsite Expands Healthcare Data Analytics Platform into Pathology Practices

Quinsite, a rising leader in healthcare technology, today announced expansion of their Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ to support pathology practices.

Case Study: Radiology Associates Help Improve Breast Cancer Care and Compliance

Quinsite helps radiology practice improve mammography tracking and follow-up to achieve compliance and high-quality patient care.

Case Study: Casper Medical Imaging Improves Services, Supports Growth With Analysis of Turnaround Time Data

Quinsite helps radiology practice improve service and support growth with analysis of Turnaround Time Data.

Quinsite Recognized as NC Tech Awards 2022 Finalist

Quinsite recognized at NC Tech Awards 2022 finalist in two categories- Biotech/Healthtech company and Data/AI Analytics for our Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™.

Healthcare Staffing Shortages – How Productivity Insights Can Help Your Practice

Productivity analytics help healthcare practices respond to staffing shortage

Case Study: Northwest Radiology Optimizes Physician Productivity Using Innovative Mobile App

Large radiology practice Optimizes Physician Productivity Using Innovative Mobile App

Quinsite Selected as a Venture Atlanta 2022 Presenting Company

Quinsite announced today that it has been chosen as one of the top technology companies in the Southeast to present at Venture Atlanta FORWARD 2022 to be held October 19-20.

Taking Control in Today's Complex Healthcare Technology Environment

Our CEO Jeff Maze discusses the challenge of navigating a growing list of tools and technologies in today's healthcare environment and offers steps practice leaders can follow to regain control, better manage, and maximize tech assets in 'Taking Control' featured in the RBMA Bulletin's latest issue!

Turnaround Times: Improve Quality & Exceed Expectations (Webinar Recap)

Keith Chew and Quinsite CEO Jeff Maze turnaround time trend data analysis benchmarks healthcare radiology practice partnerships, quality, service, revenue.

Optimize Physician Productivity To Improve Your Bottom Line

Quinsite's advanced analytics platform helps radiology and other specialty healthcare practices improve productivity.

Case Study: Mountain Medical Physician Specialists Improves Productivity

Radiology practice improves physician productivity and saves labor costs with data analytics technology for healthcare.

Leveraging Data to Optimize Revenue Post-Pandemic

Quinsite's advanced analytics platform helps radiology and other specialty healthcare practices optimize revenue to ensure long-term sustainability.

Case Study: ARA Health Specialists Transform Business and Capture Lost Revenue

Radiology practice transforms business and captures lost revenue with data analytics technology for healthcare.

Case Study: South Hub Radiology Resolves Billing Issues, Boosts Revenue With Access To Real-time Insights

Radiology practice resolves billing issues and boosts revenue with data analytics technology for healthcare.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Choosing The Right Compensation Model For Your Healthcare Practice

Practice leaders in the healthcare industry face unique complexities, and must consider a number of factors when choosing the compensation model that is right for their practice.

NC-Based Healthcare Data Analytics Company Quinsite Raises $2.5 Million in Seed Funding

Quinsite, an emerging leader in healthcare technology, today announced the close of a $2.5 million seed round.

2022 Momentum and Gratitude

Quinsite's momentum and success in 2021fuel more growth in 2022.

Leverage Your Data to Build a Successful and Sustainable Practice

How Radiology Practices use data to increase revenue, increase productivity and improve quality.

The Future of Interoperability

Our CEO Jeff Maze offers his thoughts on healthcare's growing volume of data with 'The Future of Interoperability' featured in RBMA Bulletin's latest issue!

Quinsite Leverages Healthcare Data In A Rapidly Growing Industry

The annual growth rate of healthcare data is expected to outpace industries, such as manufacturing and financial services, and a significant amount of data is going unused. Jeff Maze and his wife, Jenny Maze, RN believe they have the right solution with their startup, Quinsite. Chapel Hill-based Quinsite is a healthcare analytics platform that brings together data from sources into one central hub, providing hospitals and private practices with actionable insights based on that data. “At the end of the day, (physicians) still have to pay their bills so that’s where Quinsite helps—by putting that information at their fingertips so they can quickly make smarter decisions while still focusing on the patient,” Jeff Maze said.

Meet Quinsite Connect, our Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™

Inspired by dozens of forward-thinking clients, our team created Connect, a comprehensive platform fully loaded with solutions to help today’s healthcare leaders improve quality, drive efficiencies, and optimize revenue generation. This month we celebrate 4 years of amazing innovation, exceptional client service, and outstanding growth 🥳

Quinsite Joins the 2021 Triangle Tweener List!

Quinsite joins the 2021 Triangle Tweener list compiled by Scot Wingo. The list tracks technology start-up companies in the Triangle area that have generated $1 million or more in annual sales revenue or have hired 10 or more full-time employees.

COVID19 Causes Substantial Decline Diagnostic Imaging, Mammography

Quinsite provides analytics support to Dr. Richard Duszak et al on their recent study published in the JACR Journal, illustrating substantial decline in diagnostic imaging work and disproportionate impact to mammography due to COVID19. Study findings may help practices plan for future waves and impact to workflows, finances, patient access, and payment policy.

Quinsite CEO, Jeff Maze, Joins NC Tech Board of Advisors

Quinsite CEO, Jeff Maze, Joins NC Tech Board of Advisors

RevUp Capital Invests in Quinsite

Quinsite is thrilled to engage with RevUp Capital's growth platform, gaining knowledge, tools, and strategy to level-up our messaging and market presence.

COVID19 Impact On Radiology Volumes Nationwide

This week on the 'a Word With Bob LIVE!' podcast, Bob Still chats with our CEO, Jeff Maze, about how Quinsite is tracking radiology volume data nationwide.

First Annual Quinsite User Conference!

Our clients asked for a user conference and we delivered! Amazing day filled with client success stories, case studies, dashboard tutorials, idea sharing, networking and fun!

Prevent Fire Drills, Reduce Administrative Burden, Optimize Revenue, Improve Physician Satisfaction

Our CEO, Jeff Maze, suggests more effective methods for practice administrators to tackle charge/billing audits, physician non-RVU time capture, schedule optimization, and capacity planning in the most recent issue of the RBMA Bulletin.

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