Preventing Physician Burnout with Actionable Data Insights

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    Preventing Physician Burnout with Actionable Insights

    A recent article in Radiology Business[1] cited a survey from the Journal of the American College of Radiology[2] reporting that nearly half of radiologists in private practice are feeling burned out, with a direct correlation between burnout and fulfillment. Compounding this issue are unprecedented staffing shortages faced by the radiology industry.

    What contributes to burnout and how can practice leaders address this ever-growing problem?

    Quinsite is familiar with this challenge and sees many of its clients using integrated data analytics as a key part of their strategy in proactively addressing the issue. Actionable data insights are helping them spread practice workloads more equitably, drive increased physician productivity, and build creative compensation models that promote work-life balance.

    Increased Productivity and Equitable Workload Distribution

    Optimizing physician productivity is key to retaining existing resources as well as ensuring organizational sustainability. Data-driven physician productivity reports can play an important role in understanding practice productivity and helping practice leaders identify opportunities for improvements to prevent potential burnout. Read more here.

    ARA Health Specialists (ARAHS) proactively uses data insights to help prevent burnout. “Throughout the day, throughout the rotation, through that shift, Quinsite is keeping that doctor appraised of how they’re performing vs what is expected,” says Joe Guiffrida, ARAHS Chief Operating Officer. “We can get down to the level of scrutiny which I think is very powerful when you look at it, to make sure people are not working at a pace that we would find unreasonable or unsafe or where we would find an issue.” Learn more here.

    Mountain Medical Physician Specialists realized a 15% increase in average daily RVU's per physician while also achieving a more equitable spread of daily workload across all providers by leveraging real-time productivity insights. Learn more here.

    Supporting Work-Life Balance

    Increased demands on today’s healthcare providers coupled with a limited supply of new providers entering the workforce, it’s imperative that employers shift strategy to support a more sustainable work environment that helps retain existing staff as well as attract new talent.

    Data-driven insights are a valuable component of Northwest Radiology's approach to supporting a culture that values work-life balance. “In our group we have to offer something a little different, and I think this goes to burnout; we look for work-life balance. We do have some physicians in our group who are highly motivated by financial compensation; that's a high priority for them. We have other people who want to do a good job, but they also want to have time off and they are okay with making a little less or giving an opportunity for someone to earn a little more if that person wants to put in a little more effort. So being able to have the tools of Quinsite, both backend analytics, the app, and those things, have allowed us to tailor those opportunities to individuals for what they're looking for,” explains Dr. Kent Hansen, CEO and President. Learn more here.

    If you would like to learn more about these real-world examples or discuss how integrated data insights can help your practice prevent or respond to physician burnout, let’s connect. Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform improves all areas of your practice including quality, performance, scheduling, finance, and operations.




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