Customer Success: Mecklenburg Radiology Associates Improves Data Integrity and Ensures Consistent Revenue Flow

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    Mecklenburg Radiology Associates (MRA), the oldest radiology group in North Carolina, supports seven hospital partners in the greater Charlotte region with a team of 55 MDs and 23 PAs. 

    Enter Quinsite

    Quinsite's Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ offers Charge Capture Audit, a solution that ensures all work performed is properly captured and billed. This involves interfacing with hospital, clinic and outpatient data (report feed) as well as in-house or outsourced billing software (billing feed).

    Real Results


    Before using Quinsite’s Charge Capture Audit, one full-time MRA employee was responsible for tracking all charge captures in a spreadsheet. Just gathering the data was a time-consuming process, consisting of first pulling billing data from MRA’s billing software and then pulling reports from their hospital partners’ systems before entering each record into a spreadsheet.  They would then compare the data to identify gaps such as missing records, missing accession numbers, etc.    

    The manual process left a lot of room for error. And, with no real-time access to data, the information in the spreadsheet quickly became outdated and unreliable. It would often take 30-45 days before MRA realized there was a missing charge or other errors.   

    Using Quinsite’s Charge Capture Audit, MRA now tracks data from multiple systems in real-time, enabling their ability to identify potential issues and take immediate action towards resolution. 

    Leveraging Quinsite’s platform has allowed MRA to reallocate one full-time employee’s time to focus on other priorities, which is especially valuable in an industry facing unprecedented staffing shortages. Quinsite solutions have also helped MRA improve overall data integrity as well as ensure more consistent revenue flow.  


    “Quite honestly, Quinsite simply helps me sleep at night,” expressed Terri Frazier, MRA’s Coding Manager. “Our business moves so fast, and we have such an abundant quantity of data that if you let up for just one day or two days, it can feel like a tidal wave. We must stay on top of that data daily or it will be a mess. Quinsite gives us peace of mind and serves as our safety net.”  

    “Those delays in charges impact more than just our revenue,” explains Lori Holland, MRA’s Director of Revenue Cycle Management. “As a practice, we strive to have all charges posted and coded within five days. When it takes 45 days for charges to show up, our ability to accurately track the productivity and workload of our providers is also impacted.”


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