Case Study: Radiology Associates Help Improve Breast Cancer Care and Compliance

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    Radiology Associates (RASLO) provides full-spectrum imaging and interventional radiology services for the California Central Coast region. With 30 physicians, Radiology Associates services three outpatient imaging centers in Templeton, Pismo Beach and Santa Maria and supports 8-10 partner hospitals at any given time.

    The Question

    How can we improve mammography tracking and follow-up to help our partners achieve compliance and high-quality patient care?

    The Solution

    Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of your entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic and timely solutions and healthcare data analytics services help drive measurable change across all functions.

    Real Results: Access to Mammography Screening Data Helps Identify Gaps in Patient Follow-Up

    Achieving and maintaining mammography accreditation requires diligence in reporting on and upholding federal mammography quality standards (MSQA). With additional standards to constantly monitor and maintain, hospitals and outpatient facilities often struggle to successfully keep up. Gaps in quality of care (i.e. follow up imaging, cancer detection rates, etc) can result in loss of accreditation for 12 months or longer.


    RASLO was directly impacted by a partner facility’s loss of accreditation for 12 months, which resulted in an estimated revenue loss of $387,000. To prevent similar issues in the future, RASLO began exploring how they could not only support this partner in regaining accreditation, but also help their other partners maintain and uphold the highest standards of quality.


    RASLO leadership reached out to Quinsite for help creating a mammography screening audit dashboard that would identify breakdowns in patient follow-up and provider compliance, automating what had previously been a manual and cumbersome process for everyone involved, including RASLO radiologists and partner organization staff. The data from all mammography screening locations is now available in one centralized dashboard, allowing practice leaders the ability to pull any number of reports and drill down into specific details as needed (by patient, provider, date, etc.) and alert partners to potential gaps.


    The new dashboard allows radiologists to monitor their individual performance in comparison to national standards, empowering them to adjust their processes to achieve the highest quality care. RASLO also relies on this data to identify patterns that indicate opportunities for better workflows, or additional education and training to improve provider behavior.


    “We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that no breast cancer patient slips through the cracks, and that all patients get the follow-up imaging they need. While we can’t control our partners’ processes or workflow, we can now use this mammography screening data to help them identify potential gaps that could lead to serious impacts for them and their patients. Thanks to Quinsite, we have a great opportunity to support our partners as they strive to deliver the best possible patient care and meet federal compliance standards,” explains Megan Bouldry - Director of Patient Operations. 


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