Case Study: Urban Practice Optimizes Resources With Capacity Planning


An urban based practice of 30 physicians partnered with Quinsite to gain deeper, more actionable insights utilizing Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform. Their administrative team expressed concerns regarding evening shift overstaffing but lacked visibility into hourly volumes, making it difficult to verify supply (physician resources) vs demand (patient volume) assumptions.

The Question

How do we proactively schedule staff for volume fluctuations?

The Solution

Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of your entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic and timely solutions help drive measurable change across all functions. The practice's administrative team was able to view, analyze, and manipulate volume and capacity details utilizing Quinsite’s Capacity Planning tool coupled with our Physician Productivity tool.

Real Results: Optimizing physician scheduling to precisely meet demands

Historically, the practice utilized 3 (FTE) evening resources, a plan based mainly off assumptions instead of hard evidence. Leveraging Quinsite’s Capacity Planning dashboard coupled with our Physician Productivity dashboard for a focused analysis of evening shifts, the administrative team discovered measurable supply excess compared to demand, supporting historical assumptions and furthermore precisely capturing the extent of imbalance (a great example of using predictive analytics in healthcare).


The analysis confirmed overstaffing and supported a new strategy of utilizing 2 FTEs supplemented by locum and volunteer overtime resources. These adjustments ultimately resulted in a more precise fit of supply to demand, as well as overall savings in resource expenditures.

Leveraging Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform , the practice saved $250,000 by substituting one underutilized full-time evening shift physician with supplemental resources.



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