Quinsite Expands Healthcare Data Analytics Platform into Pathology Practices


Helping Pathology Practice Leaders Respond to Growing Demand for Services with Reliable, Actionable Insights for Data-driven Success and Sustainability 

Chapel Hill, N.C., December 08, 2022 – Quinsite, a rising leader in healthcare technology, today announced expansion of their Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ to support pathology practices. Founded in 2017, Quinsite delivers real-time, robust dashboards and reports that help radiology practice leaders gain visibility across their entire organization, leveraging data to increase physician productivity, optimize resources, improve quality, and support a successful healthcare revenue cycle management strategy.   

The company currently serves more than 30 of the top 100 largest radiology practices in the U.S. and boasts 100% client retention. The company is now building on its success in the Radiology sector, expanding into pathology and other complementary specialty healthcare practices.  

“The pathology market is a natural next step for Quinsite as we seek to solve problems that healthcare practices face,” explains Quinsite CEO Jeff Maze. “Much like radiology practices, pathology practices can leverage their data to support decision-making, and ease the burden for operational leadership as they scale their business and plan for growth in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.”  

According to a market analysis conducted by ImedPub, the pathology market is projected to reach a value of $44 billion by 2024 ($33 billion in 2019) at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6.1% from 2019 to 2024. With increased demand for pathology services, pathology practices are facing many of the same business challenges Quinsite helps radiology practices address, including:  

  • Improving Turnaround Times (TAT) for higher quality of care  
  • Staffing shortages and recruiting difficulties 
  • Financial constraints including increased overhead
  • Disparate data across disconnected systems (EHR, scheduling, finance, workflows, etc.)  
  • Lack of centralized & actionable information, resulting in sub-optimal quality and resource utilization 

Quinsite sought expertise and guidance from Robert Tessier at HBP Services, Inc., a well-respected revenue cycle management advisory firm in the pathology sector, to develop a proof-of-concept solution for pathology practices. Quinsite also joined the Panel of National Pathology Leaders as a sponsor for the think-tank dedicated to best practices in pathology and laboratory medicine. 

Neil Gadhia, Chief Operating Officer at MLD Pathology and early adopter of Quinsite’s pathology solution finds their platform appealing for the centralization of disparate data sources (including LIS, billing, and financials), dashboards tailored to pathology, and recurring automated reports. 

“In the field of pathology, data analytics is a growing need. As we continue to grow our practice, having a solid data analytics tool and platform allows us to scale our business accordingly and plan for growth. Through the use of advanced analytics technology, we can shift our focus and time from having to collect and analyze data manually to having data and insights readily available for more meaningful work,” shares Gadhia.  

About Quinsite 

Quinsite’s innovative Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ offers real-time, robust dashboards and reports that help healthcare practice leaders gain visibility across their entire organization to make data-driven decisions that increase productivity, optimize resources, improve quality, and boost revenue. Our platform integrates, organizes, and analyzes data from disparate systems to generate actionable insights that are easily accessed via one, user-friendly interface. For more information, visit www.quinsite.com