Taking Control in Today's Complex Healthcare Technology Environment


Earlier this year, the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) invited Quinsite CEO Jeff Maze to contribute to the RBMA Bulletin: Technology Edition.

In this article, titled Taking Control, Jeff discusses the challenge of navigating a growing list of tools and technologies in today’s healthcare environment and offers steps practice leaders can follow to regain control, better manage, and maximize tech assets.

See article highlights below and be sure to access the full article to learn more. We’d like to thank the RBMA for this opportunity and allowing us to share it with you.

Taking Control

Running a successful, sustainable practice in today’s healthcare landscape requires leadership to perform a complex and ever-changing juggling act while additionally navigating the onslaught of new technologies along with unpredictable regional and global challenges. While organizations may vary by size, geographic location, academic vs community, private or backed by funding, those who are able to leverage technology to successfully navigate, react, and adapt over time will have the upper hand.

We may have little to no control over the chaos that is our U.S. healthcare system, but we can gain control of how we consume and interact with it.

The number of tools and technologies the radiology industry is required to navigate on a daily basis is impressive. While most of these technologies are well intentioned, a fair share of them unfortunately manage to “complicate the simple”. In getting to know radiologists and practice leaders across the country, their practices represent a spectrum of complexity ranging from “we are far more complex than your usual groups out there” to “we’re pretty straight forward”. The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle.

By definition, running a radiology organization in today’s environment is complex, but there are a few basic steps you can take to regain control.

  • Take an inventory of your technology assets
  • Review your security
  • Maximize your assets


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