Improving Physician Productivity and Accelerating Practice Growth (Webinar Recap)

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    Quinsite CEO Jeff Maze joined ARA Health Specialists (ARAHS) COO Joe Giuffrida last month for a webinar, hosted in partnership with RBMA, to discuss how integrated data insights can be used to improve physician productivity, accelerate practice growth, and support better data driven decision making in healthcare.

    Jeff kicks off the discussion by explaining the power of joining data from disparate operational systems to enhance your understanding of practice data, improve decision-making, and ultimately help:

    • Improve quality of care
    • Increase productivity
    • Optimize resource utilization
    • Boost revenue
    • Create efficient workflows

    Joe provides specific examples around how ARAHS is leveraging Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform achieve much of the list above. He talks about the advantages of having everything in one platform, creating a more holistic view of their practice. He additionally shares how measuring physician productivity, beyond just RVUs, help optimize staffing to ensure the right resources are in the right place at the right times. He also explains what a huge role data visibility played in helping his operations team navigate the pandemic.


    Operational Gains


    After discussing national trends and benchmarks, Jeff and Joe spend time exploring real world ARAHS use cases around productivity, workflows, volume trending and turnaround times.

    They begin with Quinsite’s Productivity Ring Tool via mobile app and how it empowers physicians’ ability to track their daily productivity in comparison to practice benchmarks. Physicians use feedback from the tool to make real-time adjustments to their workflow in an effort not only to meet expectations but also to more equitably share the practice load. Physician productivity reports captured through the mobile app also help practice leaders establish productivity expectations by rotation, subspecialty, day of the week, time of day, etc., along with helping identify potential productivity issues early on.

    Joe shares how valuable productivity insights were during the height of the pandemic, enabling practice leaders to make strategic decisions about staffing and scheduling without compromising quality of care.

    They additionally explore how Quinsite’s Workflow tool improves tracking and monitoring of both RVU productivity and non-RVU activities such as medical direction, clinical time (i.e., call backs, IR, etc.) and administrative time. Capturing this data ensures that physicians get credit for their work, allows the practice to invoice hospital partners for medical direction and other billable activities, and supports ARAHS’s unique compensation model.

    They also discuss how tracking volume trends in conjunction with turnaround times enhances the organization’s ability to comply with service level agreements and ensure quality of care.

    Financial Gains

    Jeff and Joe turn the discussion toward revenue cycle analytics and billing process improvements, explaining how Quinsite’s Charge Audit dashboard uncovered billing discrepancies that ARAHS reconciled to not only capture an additional $200,000 but also continue to ensure that all work being performed is captured and billed going forward (key to any practice's successful healthcare revenue cycle management strategy). 

    The webinar wraps up with an explanation of ARAHS’s innovative, points-based compensation model that creates options and flexibility around physician schedules to support a lifestyle-friendly culture, aiding provider recruitment, retention, and satisfaction. ARAHS practice leaders leverage a custom Quinsite dashboard to ensure fair compensation for all physicians.


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