Understanding Physician Productivity, Driving Measurable Change


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    As part of our Best Practices Webinar Series we recently invited Dr. Kent Hansen, President and CEO at Northwest Radiology (NWR), to join Quinsite CEO Jeff Maze for a discussion about staffing and productivity challenges facing radiology practices today and best practices for overcoming these obstacles.

    Discussion highlights include:

    • A discussion about the challenges radiology and other healthcare practices face around productivity, including staffing shortages, physician burnout, and difficulty navigating a landscape full of growing health systems and private equity backed organizations.
    • The importance of measuring provider value holistically, thinking beyond the traditional RVU-only approach. Dr. Hansen shares how NWR leverages Quinsite to effectively track all aspects of provider productivity, including non-clinical activities such as administrative time and board meetings that are valuable to both the practice as well as their hospital partners.
    • A debate around the benefits and drawbacks of allowing individual provider visibility into personal and peer productivity metrics vs. keeping that data at the executive/board level. Dr. Hansen discusses how Quinsite's Productivity Ring mobile app offers individual providers the opportunity to see their productivity and modify workflow behavior in real-time to meet expectations, additionally helping establish practice benchmarks and influencing decisions at the professional service committee level.
    • The significance of physician retention and recruitment, including compensation and benefits. Dr. Hansen explains how a collection of actionable data insights support their ability to offer benefits that appeal to a variety of preferences, whether it be physicians who are financially driven, desire improved work-life balance, etc.
    • The webinar wraps up with Dr. Hansen sharing his hope that practices begin shifting their thinking around productivity to include not only work performed, but also what kind of value is delivered.

    Access the webinar here.

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