Customer Success: ARAHS Turns Productivity Insights into Operational and Financial Gains


ARA Health Specialists (ARAHS) is a comprehensive 43-physician multispecialty practice based in western North Carolina. ARAHS serves six hospitals as well as multiple ambulatory imaging centers, a vascular surgery center, outpatient interventional suite, and a vein clinic. 


In 2019, the practice started using Quinsite’s Productivity Ring mobile app in conjunction with the Physician Productivity report to track productivity and establish benchmarks.


Enter Quinsite

Quinsite’s Productivity Ring mobile app enables physicians to monitor their own productivity in near real-time (similar to activity or step-tracker concept) while also providing them with a comparative analysis against benchmarks established by practice leadership. These insights empower physicians to make workflow and staffing adjustments or seek assistance if they encounter challenges in meeting performance expectations.

Real Results

By leveraging the data collected by Quinsite, ARAHS practice leaders have established practice-wide benchmarks, defining productivity expectations based on various factors such as rotation, subspecialty, day of the week, time of day, etc.

This comprehensive approach facilitates proactive collaboration between practice leaders and physicians to identify and address potential productivity issues early on and reduce the risk of physician burnout.

Guiffrida confirms that ARAHS has experienced significant increases in productivity, especially with previously low producers, resulting in reduced risk of burnout for their high performing providers, enhanced physician engagement, and improved turnaround times (TATs) for hospital partners.


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Additionally, Quinsite's Workflows app has enabled ARAHS to accurately capture valuable non-RVU provider activities, such as medical direction, board meetings, and administrative tasks, ensuring appropriate credit is assigned for all work performed. The practice uses this data to invoice their hospital partners for all billable activities, helping support their unique compensation model and increase overall revenue.

Guiffrida emphasizes the significance of gaining a holistic understanding of true productivity and value beyond just RVUs. This expanded perspective has enabled the practice to optimize staffing resources effectively, ensuring the availability of the right personnel at the right times while also ensuring fair compensation for the value delivered by each provider.


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