3 Ways Integrated Data Analytics Improve Quality in Healthcare


3 Ways Integrated Data Analytics Improve Quality in Healthcare 

Did you know that access to data analytics can improve the overall quality of care your practice provides? 

Clinical, operational, and billing systems provide valuable insights on their own, but imagine a world where data from these tools were combined, providing a holistic practice view. Aggregating data in spreadsheets and conducting manual data comparisons is not only time consuming and inefficient but leaves room for errors. With the right tools and solutions, integrated data analytics can be leveraged to provide exceptional service, help maintain compliance standards, and ensure quality patient care.  

Quinsite believes in building quality from the ground-up, starting with our internal team, developing collaborative relationships with our customers, and remembering that every row of data represents a human life. Their Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ is a direct reflection of a tool designed to improve overall quality. 

Explore how Quinsite is working with its customers to help improve quality through top-notch service, maintaining compliance standards and improving care delivery.  

Providing Exceptional Service  

When a patient is in need of care, time is everything. Patients are likely to rate their providers and service higher when their care isn’t delayed. Today’s healthcare practices are inundated with calls, faxes, system logins, and patient data every day, making it a challenge to organize, manage, track, and analyze pertinent information in a timely manner.  

Casper Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology (CMI) struggled with understanding and leveraging turnaround time (TAT) data. Their practice leaders wanted to make improvements to the current workflow, which was a time consuming and manual process of extracting historical information from multiple systems. This inefficient process led to increased administrative load and delays in process improvements. 

CMI partnered with Quinsite to help automate this manual process and free up valuable administrative time. Practice leaders now leverage real-time TAT insights and make data-informed decisions that ultimately result in improved productivity and overall quality of care. 

"Quinsite has allowed us to automate a process that used to be completely manual and may have taken weeks to complete. Having access to real-time turnaround time data in one platform gives us a much more holistic view of our business and helps us make more data-informed decisions about our partners, staff, and overall growth of the practice," says Pam Keyser – Administrative Radiology Manager. Read more about their experience here 

Maintaining Compliance Standards 

High-quality patient care is of the utmost importance for providers and the facilities they serve. Maintaining quality and compliance standards for accreditation requires diligence and timeliness with patient information, results, and follow-ups. Manually tracking this data is not only an administrative burden, but also inherently risks potential non-compliance or worse, medical errors. 

Radiology Associates (RASLO) realized their hospital partner’s accreditation was at risk, flagging a need to change the way they tracked mammography screening data to identify breakdowns in patient follow-up and provider compliance. With Quinsite’s centralized data format and automated reports, RASLO leveraged the ability to proactively alert partners to potential gaps before jeopardizing compliance and patient care. RASLO is now proud to actively support partner compliance, which protects their own revenue stream, and most importantly ensures that every patient gets the follow-up they need. 

Ensuring Quality Patient Care 

Successful outcomes are achieved when patients are prioritized by their physicians and care teams. In addition to maintaining quality standards, RASLO wanted to take things a step further and help their partners produce the highest standards of care.  

Quinsite’s dynamic solutions offer RASLO physicians near real-time insights into their own productivity levels and quality of service, enabling the ability to compare their performance to national standards, use that feedback to improve methodology, and reach the highest quality of care. 

“We are committed to doing everything we can to ensure that no breast cancer patient slips through the cracks, and that all patients get the follow-up imaging they need. While we can’t control our partners’ processes or workflow, we can now use this mammography screening data to help them identify potential gaps that could lead to serious impacts for them and their patients. Thanks to Quinsite, we have a great opportunity to support our partners as they strive to deliver the best possible patient care and meet federal compliance standards,” explains Megan Bouldry - Director of Patient Operations.  

Learn more about RASLO here. 

When it comes to impacting quality, regardless of the goal, it is vital to have the right data in the right place to make informed decisions. Be it to provide exceptional service, help practices maintain compliance standards, or ensure quality patient care, real-time integrated data is the magic ingredient to an efficient practice committed to providing the highest levels of quality. 

With Quinsite in your corner, comprehensive data collection and analysis has never been more achievable. Are you ready to take your practice quality to the next level? Contact us today to see how integrated data analytics can drive your quality standards.