Case Study: Casper Medical Imaging Improves Services, Supports Growth With Analysis of Turnaround Time Data


For over 50 years, Casper Medical Imaging and Outpatient Radiology , a 11-physician practice, has been providing a full range of specialized diagnostic and interventional services to the central eastern region of Wyoming. In recent years, Casper is working to add nighthawk services and improve surrounding rural community access to higher level imaging and nighthawk services.

The Question

How do we leverage turnaround time data to improve service and support practice growth?

The Solution

Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of the entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic solutions healthcare data analytics services help drive measurable change across all functions.

Real Results: Empowering Practice Leaders to Make Data-Informed Decisions and Set Expectations

Casper’s past approach to understanding turnaround time (TAT) data involved a time-consuming and manual process of extracting historical information from multiple systems, including RIS and PACS. Today, Quinsite does the heavy lifting by pulling data directly from PowerScribe 360, QGenda, and other systems to create dynamic, real-time TAT dashboards and reports.


With easy access to up-to-date TAT data analysis, Pam Keyser, Administrative Radiology Manager, now has visibility into accurate metrics around read times and complexity to better identify potential issues and explain perceived delays. These new TAT insights not only empower the practice leaders to set realistic expectations with existing hospital partners but also in developing partner contracts for their new nighthawk services.

"Quinsite has allowed us to automate a process that used to be completely manual and may have taken weeks to complete. Having access to real-time turnaround time data in one platform gives us a much more holistic view of our business and helps us make more data-informed decisions about our partners, staff, and overall growth of the practice.”

From a staffing and capacity perspective, these powerful insights have enabled the practice to make more informed and strategic staffing decisions, set expectations with existing providers, better understand and establish TAT thresholds, identify opportunities for training to address potential issues, predict recruitment needs, and ultimately help prevent physician burnout.


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