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    Healthcare Data Analytics Platform Poised to Help Anesthesiology Practices Drive Increased Revenue and Operational Efficiencies with Integrated Data Insights  


    Chapel Hill, N.C., May 14 , 2024 – Quinsite, a leader in healthcare technology, announced today that its Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ is now available to anesthesiology practices. The Quinsite platform was developed to arm healthcare leaders with integrated data insights that inform decision-making and drive practice success. 

    Quinsite has been serving the radiology industry since 2017 with more than 100 physician groups on their platform. They launched into the Pathology industry in 2022 and are now building upon their proven track record with recent expansion into Anesthesiology.  

    “Much like other physician groups, anesthesiology practice leaders are concerned about the long-term economic health and viability of their practice. They're also facing unprecedented staffing shortages and recruitment competition,” explains Quinsite CEO, Jeff Maze. “With help from Quinsite, these practice leaders can drive workforce efficiency and revenue growth using integrated clinical, operational, and billing system data insights. More specifically, these insights inform strategic decision-making, enhance the value of their practice, optimize payment for services provided, and support competitive compensation models.”  

    Quinsite’s Healthcare Analytics Platform™ offers a variety of solutions around revenue cycle integrity and provider productivity that will benefit anesthesiology: 

    • AR Analysis gives visibility into outstanding AR by aging and payer.  
    • Billing Summary provides a quick glimpse into key billing metric trends with the ability to slice by division, site, payer, and CPT code. 
    • Practice Overview offers the ability to track trends over both time and hour of the day. It also allows for easy comparison of year-over-year volume changes by site,  subspecialty, and shift, quickly highlighting areas driving volume changes.  
    • Year Over Year compares current year volumes to the previous two years by day, week, and month.  
    • Provider Productivity offers a way to monitor and track productivity by provider, seat, subspecialty, and modality over time.  

    Early adopters have helped inform development of solutions that specifically benefit anesthesiology groups. CRH Anesthesia and Elite Billing, LLC understand and share the importance of integrated data insights for the anesthesiology industry:

    “We need to be knowledgeable about the entire financial situation of our practice. Access to analytics and data is crucial to us in making decisions about our revenue cycle operations and the growth of our practice,” explains Andrea Halpern Bryan, Executive Director of Billing Operations at Elite Billing. “Those insights are also key to capturing the true value of our services and expressing that value to our partners.”  

    “In our industry, denials are a big problem. Submitting anesthesiology claims is complex. Tracking and submitting the numerous data elements to support each claim can be time consuming and painful,” expresses Jeff Perry, VP of Revenue Cycle Optimization at CRH Anesthesia.  “We manage data from 42 practices in 130 different locations, so we are dealing with thousands of payers across multiple states.  Having access to real-time data and the ability to do reports on the fly allows us to identify payment and denial issues and address them quickly instead of losing months and potential revenue.”

    Download our eBook, From Insights to Impact: The Role of Data Analytics for Meeting Your KPIs, to learn more about how Quinsite helps healthcare practice leaders support key metrics, set benchmarks, and achieve real results.  

    About Quinsite 

    Quinsite is a leading provider of integrated healthcare data analytics software to physician practices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations, touching over 40 million patients and more than 4,000 providers nationwide. Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ integrates and analyzes data from clinical, financial, and operational systems to generate actionable insights, easily accessed via one, user-friendly interface. The platform offers a suite of real-time, robust applications aimed at arming healthcare leaders with visibility across their entire organization to make data-driven decisions that increase productivity, optimize resources, improve quality, and boost revenue. For more information, visit www.quinsite.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. 


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