Case Study: Northwest Radiology Optimizes Physician Productivity Using Innovative Mobile App

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    Northwest Radiology (NWR) has been providing compassionate care via a full range of specialized, high-quality imaging services for over 50 years. With more than 60 radiologists, NWR is one of the largest physician-owned radiology groups in central Indiana. NWR is a founding member of Strategic Radiology, a coalition of radiology practices throughout the U.S.

    The Question

    Is there a tool that helps empower physicians to improve their productivity?

    The Solution

    Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of your entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic and timely solutions and healthcare data analytics services help drive measurable change across all functions.

    Real Results: Empowering Physicians with Near Real-Time Feedback 

    Quinsite enabled NWR leadership to gain a more holistic view of overall practice productivity, track individual physician productivity, establish realistic productivity benchmarks, and better capture both RVU productivity and non-RVU productivity (including provider admin time, E&M consults, tumor-board meetings, and more).

    Using the Productivity Ring tool via mobile app, NWR providers are able to monitor their productivity throughout the workday (similar concept to tracking daily steps via device/mobile app). This near real-time information empowers providers to better understand their individual performance and make adjustments to their workflow as needed (i.e. increase their pace to stay on target or take a short break because they are well ahead).

    As a result, Northwest Radiology is able to set realistic productivity benchmarks and experienced an estimated 10% productivity increase per physician.

    “While understanding our overall productivity has been extremely valuable, it is especially powerful to put that information in the hands of our physicians. Instead of giving them quarterly physician productivity reports, they can now see their numbers in real-time. There are no surprises. They are the first to know if they aren’t hitting their numbers, as well as how their individual productivity compares to peers. The metrics help them decide if they need to make changes. It is very empowering.” Linda Wilgus - Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer

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