Navigating Staffing Shortages: Enhancing Workforce Efficiency for Growth

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    Staffing shortages continue to be a challenge for radiology practices nationwide. To achieve adequate staffing that meets demands and ensures sustainability, practice leaders should leverage multiple strategies: enhanced recruitment processes, efficient resource and workforce utilization, and innovative technologies.

    Quinsite recently partnered with the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) in hosting a roundtable discussion with radiology leaders to address staffing shortages and other pressing topics. The panel included Joseph Guiffrida, COO at ARA Health Specialists, Dr. Lauren Nicola, CEO at Triad Radiology Associates, Joe Wolfcale, COO at Advanced Imaging Alliance, and was moderated by Jeff Maze, Quinsite CEO.

    Key takeaways from the webinar include:

    Staffing Shortages

    • Recruiting/Hiring Trends: Traditional recruitment methods are evolving, with longer timeframes for hiring and credentialing becoming the norm. Practices also face the challenge of physicians having shorter tenures than in the past.
    • Benefits Packages: Today’s talent pool is looking for more appealing compensation plans, equitable workload distribution, and flexible work schedules that facilitate better work-life balance.


    • Productivity Tracking - Successes: Tracking physician productivity and with real-time metrics helps encourage improved performance and support data-driven compensation.
    • Productivity Tracking - Pitfalls: While tracking productivity may inadvertently create a competitive environment, this can be counteracted with transparency and communication.

    Artificial intelligence (AI)

    • Tools for Success: AI is revolutionizing practice management by enhancing workflows, improving efficiency, and increasing data accuracy. These tools will continue to evolve, offering even greater support to radiology groups.

    The Future of Radiology

    • The Value of Radiology: Radiology will remain a cornerstone of the healthcare ecosystem. Practice leaders and physicians must stay adaptive to workforce changes, technological advancements, and business development opportunities.

    Click here to watch the webinar at your convenience. Our panelists expand deeply on innovative strategies to optimize staffing, streamline workflows and foster a culture of continuous improvement.