Case Study: ARA Health Specialists Transform Business and Capture Lost Revenue

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    ARA Health Specialists (ARAHS) are a comprehensive 43-physician multi-specialty imaging practice based in western North Carolina. ARAHS services six hospitals as well as multiple ambulatory centers, vascular surgery platform, outpatient interventional suite, and a vein clinic.
    In 2015, the practice redefined its relationship with a critical partner, resulting in numerous new metrics-driven service agreements. As a result, ARAHS began seeking more sophisticated data analysis techniques to facilitate equitable physician resource management, improve visibility into hiring needs, and identify new revenue and growth opportunities.

    The Question

    How Can We Improve Access to Reliable, Actionable Insights? 

    The Solution

    Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of the entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic and timely solutions help drive measurable change across all functions.

    Real Results: Capturing Data, Reconciling Revenue

    Quinsite enables ARA Health Specialists to combine their hospital, vendor, and physician dictation data feeds for continuous comparison of charges created to charges actually billed. This allows full visibility in one single dashboard for the practice's billing director to monitor billing details, project upcoming reimbursement, identify payment gaps and support a successful healthcare revenue cycle management strategy. ARAHS credits Quinsite for helping uncover $200,000 in incorrectly billed charges due to several coding discrepancies.


    “Quinsite almost immediately transformed the way we do our own analytics and the way we run our business by allowing us to bundle all that under one system. I have gained back dozens of hours each month, that I no longer spend chasing down reports,” Joe Guiffrida, ARAHS Chief Operations Officer said.

    “It provides a much more accurate measurement of how many patients we are treating as opposed to how many exams we are interpreting or diagnosing. It's become an essential part of how we measure our services and allows us to get far more granular in the way we look at the work we provide. Patients’ lives impacted is more impactful and in line with our Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values,” added Joe.

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