Quinsite Launches New Projected Productivity Solution


New Dashboard Leverages Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to Help Healthcare Practices Predict Future Staffing Outcomes 

Chapel Hill, N.C., December 5, 2023 – Quinsite, a leading healthcare technology company, announced today the launch of its new Projected Productivity solution, designed to help healthcare practices predict future staffing outcomes and support a sustainable approach to resource optimization.  

The Projected Productivity solution builds on the company’s existing Productivity and Capacity Planning tools, leveraging AI and predictive analytics to provide a comprehensive analysis of future staffing models based on variables such as providers, shifts, volumes, seasonality and more. 

Projected Productivty Screenshot

“We created this new solution to help our customers quickly respond to healthcare staffing shortages. Using the power of AI and predictive analytics, practice leaders can proactively address potential staffing gaps and associated risks, including compromised patient care and provider burnout,” explains Quinsite CEO Jeff Maze.  “Our intent is to arm practices with new strategies for sustainability that improve both the quality of care they provide as well as quality of life for their providers.”  

Quinsite's Projected Productivity solution supports workforce planning and efficiency by enabling practice leaders to use historical volumes (including both recent changes in volumes as well as annual seasonal variations) and scheduling data to optimize future staffing plans. By comparing expected future volumes with scheduled resources, they can identify gaps and strategically align resources to future demand. Additionally, the dashboard allows leaders to create and adjust min/max RVU expectations to strategically support a realistic, healthy, and sustainable workload. 

To learn more about Quinsite's Projected Productivity solution, contact info@quinsite.com.
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