Customer Success: Supporting Complex Implementations with Expertise and Collaboration

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    Delaney Radiology is a comprehensive 30-physician multispecialty practice based in coastal North Carolina. The practice owns two imaging centers, supports four regional hospital partners, and provides services for other private practices in the area 


    Enter Quinsite

    Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ integrates valuable data from numerous operational systems to generate a holistic view of your entire practice. Quinsite’s suite of dynamic and timely solutions helps drive measurable change across all functions. 

    Quinsite’s Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ will provide Delaney with centralized access to integrated data from their multiple and disparate systems (billing, scheduling, clinical), helping practice leaders make strategic business decisions regarding staffing, productivity, quality of service, billing processes, and partnerships. 

    Real Results

    In addition to servicing multiple area hospitals and private practices, Delaney owns two imaging centers which operate as separate entities.  Alongside the Quinsite team, their implementation was led by Practice Development Director, Ashley Wells, and involved multiple stakeholders including their president, executive director, director of billing, IT staff, executive assistant, and billing coders.

    “We prefer to have a large implementation team here at Delaney given that the impact is often practice-wide. That was particularly crucial this time around since we had been operating as separate entities with so many data sources. It was essential for us to understand the origin and meaning of each piece of data,” explains Wells.  

    Gaining access to practice data from systems owned by hospital partners can be challenging. Fortunately, Delaney’s largest hospital partner was already providing data access for another Quinsite customer, simplifying the communication and interface process.  

    “Having Quinsite directly involved in these partner conversations was invaluable. They have managed this process so many times, with numerous practices and their partners. They knew what questions our partner was going to ask, knew how to answer them, and could quickly reassure both of us when potential challenges or concerns arose,” shares Wells.   

    “Everyone on the Quinsite team has been amazing,” she added. “As a very customer service-driven person, I think that's probably been my favorite part about working with Quinsite. I can't say enough about the people I have worked with and how knowledgeable they are. I have been impressed with their ability to provide me with the right information at the right time and to communicate effectively in a way that we both understood. That has not always been the case with other vendors I have worked with in the past.”  

    Wells has appreciated Quinsite's organized, multi-stage implementation process, including ideation, discovery and planning, execution, and implementation, and their project manager's ability to keep the project on track. 

    Wells has been very impressed with how well all data has translated into Quinsite. She is excited that Delaney now has access to data they’ve never seen before and looks forward to interacting with near real-time reports that historically took days or even weeks to generate. 

    “Our practice is growing, our imaging centers are growing, our hospital partners are growing, and our community is growing. With help from Quinsite, we have access to the data and insights needed to support that growth,” expresses Wells.   


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