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How can turnaround time data impact the health of your practice? 

Improving turnaround times (TATs) not only improves quality of care, but also partner relationships and your bottom line. 
In this webinar, we will explore the importance of turnaround times for radiology and other specialty healthcare practices, share best practices to access and understand turnaround time data, and offer insights into using that data to inform strategic practice improvements. 
What you can expect:  
    • Insights into national TAT trends 
    • TAT variances and patterns within your practice
    • Key factors that impact TATs
    • How to turn TAT insights into impactful improvements
    • Real-world TAT use case

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Keith Chew, Integrity

For more than 40 years, Keith has served as a healthcare thought leader and subject matter expert with direct experience as a Consultant, Hospital VP of Physician Network and Ancillary Services, Director of Practice Management, Practice Administrator and Chief Executive Officer for medical practices, health systems and radiology practices.

Keith has over the past 22 years developed a specialty consultancy focusing on hospital based practices, especially medical imaging and radiology. He has demonstrated expertise assisting physicians, hospitals and health systems with practice leadership solutions, management, operations improvement, governance, strategic planning and strategic positioning.

Keith is a past president of RBMA and has been a guest speaker for RBMA, HFMA, ACR, MGMA, Becker’s Hospital Review, The Leader’s Board and Multiple State Radiology Societies, RBMA Chapters and other professional organizations across the country.

Jeff Maze

Jeff Maze, Quinsite

As CEO and founder of Quinsite, Jeff Maze is passionate about working with healthcare practice leaders to help them leverage data analytics to transform the way they do business.

Jeff’s vision for Quinsite evolved over 20 years of working in the healthcare industry, developing high-quality, innovative, advanced analytics for a variety of companies, and collaborating with decision makers to design multi-faceted and results-driven reporting solutions.

Jeff has earned a reputation as a healthcare technology innovator and industry thought leader with a powerful combination of data analytics expertise and business acumen. He is recognized for his proven track record in translating highly complex data into easily understandable, impactful, and actionable insights. As a result, Jeff is regularly invited to speak at industry conferences. He serves on the RBMA Data Committee and has been published in multiple industry publications.

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Transform the Way You Do Business

Our Comprehensive Healthcare Analytics Platform™ combines your most valuable data sources, arming you with a wealth of tools that enhance success in all areas of business.

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Quinsite's platform exceeds our expectations and is more comprehensive than anything else we've seen in the market. We have realized value in administrative time saved no longer manually generating reports around productivity, turnaround times, etc. They spend time to understand our systems and processes and very collaborative with our existing team.

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