Your Data, Your Direction

We create custom solutions that meet your organizational goals



QUINSITE offers HEALTHCARE ANALYTICS and consulting services


We are dedicated to improving decision making through the use of advanced analytics that help to optimize outcomes. We combine technical expertise with extensive business and clinical knowledge. Our team streamlines the data collection process, builds robust analytics, and designs tools that highlight what you want to see in easily understood meaningful reports.



"The Quinsite team designed a tool that exceeded our expectations and is more comprehensive than anything else we’ve seen in the market.  We already see the value it will create in the administrative time saved no longer having to manually generate reports around productivity, turnaround times, etc. They spent time to understand our systems and processes, and collaborate well with our existing team."

Linda Wilgus, Executive Director at Northwest Radiology, Indianapolis, IN




Join Disparate Data Sources

Maximize all of your data by combining EMR, quality improvement, scheduling, billing, supply chain, financials, etc. 


Create User Friendly Tools

Easily analyze productivity, efficiency, quality, benchmarks and more to identify goals and initiatives.


Improve Outcomes

Improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, physician productivity, resource utilization, etc.



Whether you are a mature organization looking to better leverage your existing environment or have just begun your data journey and are looking for a company with existing secure infrastructure, Quinsite has a solution that can meet your unique needs.

In today’s technology driven world, most healthcare organizations have a multitude of different tools they interact with from EMRs to revenue cycle to scheduling. Most of these existing tools have the ability to provide visibility into their specific process but each view is often one-dimensional and lacks context of the bigger picture. Quinsite believes there is no one-size-fits-all solution and seeks to build custom solutions for each client by gathering data from their disparate systems, designing analytics specific to their needs, and creating reports that speak to their unique requirements.